what is Wondersphere?

Wondersphere Media is a content creation company aimed at producing content that shares awe or wonder concerning our wonderful planet. we also want to  promote, and appreciate others who share our love of nature.

the Wondersphere Podcast

the Wondersphere podcast is a show that encourages it's listeners to go and explore outside. it features all kinds of guests, including photographers, mindset, and spiritual experts, and many other influencers. it's available wherever you get your podcasts, and new episodes come out every week.

What Are Wondermints?

Wondermints are an nft collection featuring beautiful places in our world. Each nft is linked to information reguarding the place it was captured, including exact gps coordinates.

Wondermint Utility


When wondermints are purchased access is given on the area, and gps information. Holders can then plan trips to visit the contained location. And if they do so they can monitize their trip by minting their own wondermints. 


A portion of all wondermint sales will be given to invironmental charities including nature first

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